Running Reports

Running Reports

  • From our Customer Control Panel select if you are a Commercial Webcaster or a Minimum Fee Broadcaster.
  • If you are a Commercial Webcaster you will be able to select the month and year you are running for.
  • If you are Minimum Fee, select if you are running a monthly Statement of Account (SOA) report or a Quarterly Report of Use. Then you will be able to select the month/quarter and year.
  • You can upload any syndication content or manually played songs (see below for more info).
  • The next page shows you each hour of the month, and you can click to see which songs were played in each hour. You will be able to remove any songs that were not actually played.
  • Click to view your performance count (for the SOA), and click again to send yourself the Report of Use (ROU).

For information on submitting the reports, check the Statement of Accounts (SOA) and Report of Use (ROU) section of this page.

Format of Syndication/Manually Played Logs

If you are playing songs that were not included in automation logs, you will need to upload a log with a list of these songs. The format for that log is as follows:


  • One song per line
  • Please make sure the date is in MM/DD/YYYY format and the time is in HH:MM:SS format (24 hour time)
  • 'syndicator' can be replaced with anything that helps you remember where it was played from, such as the name of a syndicated program, the name of a CD it came from, etc.
  • No blank lines
  • No quotation marks in the text

Example: 09/01/2013|22:47:48|The Fun Syndicated Show|The Rolling Stones|Satisfaction

If there are any issues with the log formatting it will tell you which rows to fix at the top of the screen. Please fix the log and reupload the file. Once uploaded you will get a message that it was successful.