Advertising Options

Advertising Options

Optimizes Ad Revenue for Mid and Small Market Stations

SurferNETWORK's Digital Advertising program is based on 3 main revenue generating opportunities. From display advertising to instream advertising, your station will have the tools to make the most of your stream efforts.


SurferNETWORK allows you to manage, sell, and schedule your own In-Stream replacement ads. The ads can have a clickable accompanying banner or you can even replace a terrestrial ad with a video ad on your player! Through our Customer Control Panel you can setup schedules, view impression reports, and keep track of which ads are currently running.


The Ad Manager feature of the Customer Control Panel also lets you work with gateway or pre-roll ads. You can have as many as you would like and can schedule them just like any in-stream ad. Many of our stations are very successful in selling high-impact video gateways.

Station Value Added (SVA) and App Banners

Now you can schedule banner advertising on your player and apps too! Banner graphic campaigns automatically start and stop displaying based on dates you entered. Setup your local pizza place's logo to show up right before lunch with a click through to a coupon - your ads on your schedule.


Run reports to provide details like impressions, clicks, or ad plays where applicable. Drill down to specific campaigns or advertisers for additional insight and reporting to clients.