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Plug and Stream Program™

The Plug and Stream Program™ is designed to upgrade your technology to improve the quality and reliability of your Internet broadcast. It is a smart business decision as well.

Under this program, SurferNETWORK will provide you with a new pre-configured PC built to the current specifications needed for streaming. This PC will come loaded with remote access software, anti-virus software, and streaming software. (Note: Minimal additional setup may be required once the PC is in place.)

As part of the package you will also get remote technical support for your streaming software, free anti-virus renewals, and free replacement parts or PC.

  • The PC will remain the property of SurferNETWORK. The Broadcaster is responsible and will make every reasonable effort to maintain the equipment and prevent it from damage and/or loss.
  • Normal maintenance would include all critical updates and anti-virus protection activities and is the responsibility of the Broadcaster.
  • The PC should be dedicated to webcasting only and should not be used for other purposes such as word processing, web browsing, or email. Restricting the use of the PC to webcasting will enhance your Internet Broadcast while minimizing the risk of virus attack or infection by malicious software.
  • When the PC is returned to SurferNETWORK and is determined to be in good working condition the Broadcaster's deposit will be refunded immediately.
  • Please note, this does not apply to customers already participating in the program.
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