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OnDemand Internet Broadcast Package
for Audio and Video

Provide audio or video that your audience can hear or view whenever they want!

How It Works

  • You give us a copy, either physical or electronic, of each media item that we will store on our servers
  • You can view, remove, and listen to these files from Customer Control Panel
  • Files will be displayed in your Live Streaming Player
  • When a visitor to your web site clicks on one of the items, their media player starts, and we begin broadcasting the associated media content to them
  • View monthly, daily, or up-to-the-minute listener reports from the Customer Control Panel

Digitizing (Encoding) Services:

You can deliver your media content to us in electronic format (ftp, email) for no extra charge. If you provide your material to us in physical format (tape, CD’s etc.) we will digitize (encode) it for you. Contact us for rates!

OnDemand Player Example:


“On-demand” is the best way to offer your audience access to a diverse collection of audio/visual materials.


Sample Types of Media Content

  • Music
  • Films
  • Speeches
  • Product demonstrations
  • Audio/video testimonials
  • Training/educational material
  • Sermons, Gospel teachings, choirs, etc
  • Whatever you’ve got

E-Commerce Opportunities

  • Charge for listening/viewing: offer a music or video clip for free, but charge for the full song, album, or video
  • Accept Donations: offer free access to your material, but give your audience the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution
  • Subscription: Offer subscription access to your material for any time period or monetary amount you desire
  • Downloading: Offer your listeners the opportunity to download the item, rather than listen or watch the stream
  • Sell ads: present gateway (before the song starts) or interstitial (between songs) audio or video ads
  • Sell products: from your website or right from your player

The Internet Broadcaster Needs To:

  • Acquire the music or other content and be responsible for royalty-related compliance
  • Provide us with your content - either send it to us electronically (ftp, email) or physically (tapes, CD’s, DVD’s)
  • Create a web site with a ‘Listen Now’ Button. We give you the code for the button - it’s very easy to set up

Sample “Listen” button for your web site

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