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Designed especially for artists, independent record labels, filmmakers, and other media professionals, our solutions make it easy for you to harness multimedia technology to create a professional broadcast station style presence on the Internet. With our solutions, you can reach and compete for a worldwide audience. Your fans can access your material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you have video or music and want to get it out there? SurferNETWORK has the right solution to get your content in front of your audience. Getting started is easy. All you need is a web site.

Send us the audio and video recordings of the material you would like to broadcast. We do the rest. We will digitize your material (if not already digitized), encode it into high quality streaming formats, and store it on our servers.

When your audience clicks on your "Listen Now" website links, they will see and hear your material. SurferNETWORK can provide you with a branded player.

“Managed” Internet Broadcast Solution

How It Works

The Managed Internet Broadcast Solution broadcasts your material radio station-style. You provide us with your content and we will broadcast it from our servers 24x7 like a radio station – just put a “listen now” button on your web page. You can either provide us with a playlist or we can simply play your material in a continuous loop.

Digitizing (Encoding) Services:

You can deliver your media content to us in electronic format (ftp, email) for no extra charge. If you provide your material to us in physical format (tape, CDs etc.) we will digitize (encode) it. Please call us for rates!

Options and Opportunities

“Managed” Internet Broadcast Solution Includes:

  • Artist & Title presented on the player
  • Custom branded player presenting your logo and message
  • Listener reports
  • Tech support for the broadcaster and your listeners
  • Easy instructions on how to get started
  • Manage the service offering to your budget

E-commerce Opportunities

  • Charge for listening/viewing: offer a music or video clip for free, but charge for the full song, album, or video
  • Accept Donations: offer free access to your material, but give your audience the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution
  • Downloading: Offer your listeners the opportunity to download the item, rather than listen or watch the stream
  • Subscription: Offer subscription access to your material for any time period or monetary amount you desire
  • Sell ads: present gateway (before the song starts) or interstitial (between songs) audio or video ads
  • Sell products: from your website or right from your player

The Internet Broadcaster Needs To:

  • Acquire the music and be responsible for copyright and royalty-related compliance  (See our page on “Digital Rights Compliance for Internet Broadcasting”)
  • Provide us with your content - either send it to us electronically (ftp, email) or physically (tapes, CDs, DVDs)
  • Put a “Listen” button on your web site -- we give you the code for the button - it’s very easy to set up.

Sample “Listen” button on your web page

You Can Also Consider This Option

Look at our On-Demand service offering. You provide web page links to individual pieces (audio, video or playlists) you create. Your content is stored on and broadcast from our servers. Listeners can hear what they want whenever they want.


Listeners and broadcasters alike say that the SurferNETWORK experience is 'JUST LIKE RADIO'.

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