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School events of all types can be webcast live and may be simultaneously recorded for later listening or viewing.

SurferNETWORK provides webcasting services for a number of educational organizations including Dartmouth College, Grambling State University, and Northern State University. These webcasts include sports as well as school events such as special lectures and graduation.

We can provide live webcasting services and archiving for almost any type of programming.

With SurferNETWORK, webcasting is simple to do, and provides a high value for your institution and audience. Multiple channels are affordable and provide you with the opportunity to webcast and archive separate events occuring at the same time, or coverage of separate events that are located too far apart to allow use of the same equipment.

Coming soon – E-Learning channels provide both a video and slideshow link so that you can reach and teach students, parents, and alumni with multi-media lectures and special presentations.

Sample Types of Media Content

  • Sporting events
  • Graduation, concerts, plays, awards ceremonies, debates
  • Public Meetings and Ceremonies
  • Lectures
  • Special Events

The Internet Webcaster Needs:

A web site with a listen live button, for each channel, a suitable computer with an always-on Internet connection. Click here for details on the requirements for Internet Broadcasters.


Typical Pricing Options


Base Rate
Monthly Minimum

Included Listener Hours per Month

Price for Excess Listener Hours*

Storage of Audio Files

$100 / Month Per Channel

2000 Hours / Channel

$25 / 1,000 hours

$20 / Month for 10 Hours

* Price per month per each 1,000 listener hours exceeding the Included Hours in any month



Base Rate
Monthly Minimum

Included Viewer Hours per Month

Price for Excess Viewer Hours*

Storage of Video Files

Video Streaming Channel:
$400 / Month Per Channel

1000 hours

$25 / 250 hours

$20 / mo for up to 1 hour

e-Learning Channel:
$400 / Month Per Channel

1000 hours

$25 / 250 hours

$20 / mo for up to 1 hour

* Price per month per each 250 viewer hours exceeding the Included Hours in any month


Special Pricing Agreements

Contact us for special pricing agreements tied to the duration of your season or school term.

How Automatic Streaming & Archiving Works

  • For each channel, you need a webcasting server computer that encodes your source material and transmits it to our data center – we can provide you with a suitable server pre-loaded with all the necessary software. This server must have a full-time connection to the Internet.
    (Special arrangements can be made for webcasting from remote locations.)
  • To schedule an event, you make a simple listing in a text file on that server with the date and time of each event. You can change this schedule moment-to-moment, and it’s as easy as you could imagine. You can create recurring events or one-time events. An event listing for August 12 might look like:
    2004/08/12 11:00am - 2004/08/12 01:00pm
  • You connect your audio/video source to the encoder server.
  • The encoder automatically turns on at the preset time of each event, and turns off at the corresponding pre-set time. While the encoder is turned on, it simultaneously records the event while it broadcasts the event to our data center
  • Your audience clicks on a “listen live” button on your web site to access the “stream” as it is being broadcast live.
  • When the event is over, the recorded file is automatically transferred to our data center.
  • You post a link on your web page in association with each recorded (“archived”) file – when a listener or viewer clicks on that event's link they are connected to our data center and we rebroadcast that event to them.

It is simple and automatic. You can easily set up and manage hundreds of events a year with minimal effort, and no worries.



Our streaming service supports a virtually unlimited number of concurrent listeners so we can accommodate promotion, advertising, or other events that might attract hundreds or even thousands of listeners or viewers.


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